Gen AI solutions for exceptional efficiency and productivity

AI Outsource 80% of your repetitive tasks to
an AI Operator

We vet, hire, and train virtual assistants to equip them with our AI prompts tailored to your business needs. Go from endless to-do lists to actual business growth.

For C-suite, department heads, and entrepreneurs.

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What we do

We engineer custom AI prompts

We use gen AI capabilities to create custom AI prompts to automate and speed up your daily tasks.

We hire skilled AI operators

We source, vet, hire and train AI operators to free up your team's time for high-value activities.

How we do it

1. Book a Consultation

Schedule your initial consultation with our AI expert. No prior technical knowledge required – we'll guide you through the process.

2. Define your requirements

Collaborate with our experts to outline your needs. We help you set expectations and goals, all in your own words, sans any AI jargon.

3. Implement and Excel

Work with our consultants to create custom AI prompts. Execute them or let us hire an AI Operator for you. Boost efficiency and productivity with ease.

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Your tasks, your rules

AI Operator is flexible and adjusts to your needs. Share your challenges quickly, set task frequency, and get as detailed as you need.

Above all, optimize your business operations before they escalate. Make your business known for its exceptional efficiency and customer service, all without breaking your budget or hiring additional technical staff.

Your Team, Your Vision

AI Operator doesn’t just stop at tasks – we help you build a capable team too. Our hiring and training service ensures that you get access to the most proficient Virtual Assistants to become your dedicated AI Operators.

We source, vet, and train the most competent candidates, equipping them with the right AI tools and acumen. We ensure they’re deeply integrated into your team and fully understand your business ethos.

This way, you not only optimize your tasks but also create a high-performance team that’s committed to your vision. Enjoy superior operational efficiency and an AI-powered workforce, all without overstretching your resources or dealing with recruitment hassles.

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Why AI Operator

We prioritize simplicity and efficiency in everything we do. You may not have the time and technical skills to handle all operations, so we do it for you with expert consultancy, custom prompt engineering, and if needed, AI operators to execute those prompts. This is AI Consultancy at its most approachable and affordable.
Consultation and custom prompt engineering at the push of a button
Real human interaction - there’s an AI Consultant and, if required, an AI operator
No hiring or training required. Get started in minutes
First-class consultants experienced in AI tools and technologies
No special coding or tech skills required on your part
Faster task execution compared to traditional methods, thanks to AI prompts
Cut down operational costs dramatically without sacrificing efficiency or productivity
Recurring testing available for your ongoing projects

Don’t just take our word for it

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